Monday, April 21, 2008


After receiving a two-wheeler (with training wheels) for her 4th birthday LAST spring, Lindsey is finally showing an interest in learning how to ride her bike.

One of the last times she rode her bike last year resulted in a spill in front of neighbors who were gathering for our block party. She was instantly embarrassed and hurt at the same time, and that was it for bike riding for her. No amount of cajoling or enticing could get her on it the rest of last summer (our block party was in June).

But apparently the sight of her little sister on a bike herself will do the trick.

We were out walking one evening and a neighbor of ours asked us if we would take a little bike off their hands. They had gotten it from a different neighbor after her kids had outgrown it, and it was used by their grandkids when they came to visit. Their grandkids were bigger now, and they thought that perhaps Marissa would like it.

Marissa took an instant liking to it, and an instant knack for getting around on it. She rode it the rest of the way home, at which point Lindsey wanted her bike taken down as well for riding around the neighborhood as well.

All weekend this past weekend the girls were riding, several times a day. They were both doing great! I'm hoping this becomes the summer that Lindsey learns how to ride a bike.

Heck, maybe Marissa will too.

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