Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biking "Accident"

It's become clear to Wayne and I in watching Lindsey and Marissa attempt to master a bike (with training wheels, mind you), that Marissa is the more coordinated and fearless of the two of them. Thus, it takes two parents to take two girls out riding, as Lindsey wants someone to hold on to one of the handle bars with her, just in case, you know, while someone needs to be with Marissa as she races recklessly down hills, laughing the whole way.

This evening I got a jump start on dinner while Wayne attempted to take the two girls down to the park on their bikes. This involved helping one girl down one section of a block, having her wait at the corner, then running back and helping the other girl go down the city block.

The last little block we go down has a bit of a hill but not much. Still, for a novice biker you can gather speed quite quickly, which Marissa LOVES to do and Lindsey does not. So Wayne was going to help Marissa get down the hill first, since he wasn't confident she was going to wait patiently at the top of the hill, and then come back for Lindsey.

Wayne was halfway down the hill with Marissa when Lindsey decided she did not want to wait for him, so, being the conservative, conscientious little girl that she is, she got off her bike and began walking it carefully down the hill.

Through careful coordination, she managed to trip while walking and fell anyway, the bike rolling off into the grass on the other side.

She is the only girl I know who can have a biking accident while not actually on the bike.

When Wayne told me this story I laughed so hard I cried.

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  1. How funny!!!!!!....I can totally picture the girls and Wayne, with all his, I persume, frustration....that hill is a killer!!! Damn, wish I was there to get the looks, on his way back!!
    Miss you......