Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who cut the cheese??

This past weekend we had a lovely time in Wisconsin Dells visiting with my side of the family. Marissa and her cousin Paulie are very close in age, just two weeks apart. While you would think that would make them the best of pals, the girl/boy thing has already intervened -- Paulie cannot be separated from his cars, Marissa wants her dollies.

Once over the weekend my mom thought she smelled something poopy and asked Marissa if she had a poop in his pants. Marissa replied, "No." Then my mom asked, "Paulie, do you have a poop?"

Paulie replied, "No, she do," and pointed to Marissa.

Boy it starts early, doesn't it?

Apparently no one cut the cheese. At least...no one under three.

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