Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Self Help Group

Around 3:00 this afternoon, I had a vision of myself at a self-help group:

Me [Standing in front of a room of people]: Hi, my name's Jenny.

Group [In Unison]: Hi Jenny!

Me: This afternoon I ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting.

Group: Oooo! So sorry.

Me: I resolve to NOT eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies tomorrow.

Group [Various calls of encouragement]: Take it one day at a time. We're here to support you!

Me: Okay, maybe just one cookie...

Group: No! Don't do it!

And in case you are wondering, there are 1,125 calories in a box of Tag-a-longs.

My and my treadmill are going to be getting along famously tomorrow.


  1. I bet they were worth every calorie!!!!

  2. Years ago there used to be a lot of cookies in a box of Girl Scout cookies. Now, gees only one box in a sitting. Gimme two.