Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby Got Back

We've been in the process of potty training Marissa of late. She's been doing pretty good, she's been wearing underwear for two weeks to KinderKare now, though she clearly does not like pooping on the potty and that has led to some issues. She's wearing a pull-up or diapers during naptime and night time, but she's getting there.

The interesting part about going through this experience with Marissa as opposed to Lindsey is that Marissa is MUCH more easy going and with a big sister leading the way, she's very interested in getting rid of her diapers.

Another interesting part is that when we were potty training Lindsey you could always tell when she was wearing pull-ups, diapers or underwear. Her butt was so petite that it was always obvious when it wasn't covered with a thick, bulky diaper.

Marissa, on the other hand...well, this baby's got back.

Wayne almost put her down for her nap today in underwear because you can't tell by the size of her butt if she's got a pull-up on or not. She and Lindsey are both wearing the same size underwear -- 4T.

Gotta love that baby!

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