Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Neighbors

As you may know from previous blogs, we had some riff raff in the neighborhood previously. While we begrudgingly spent time with them because our children seemed to like their offspring, they were too low brow and blue collar for our neighborhood.

Thankfully they moved away...far, far away, and we've finally got some pedigree in the neighborhood.

The people who moved into their home are the kind of people that we are proud to call neighbors. The husband is the newly appointed executive director of the James Sewell Ballet Company. They always park in their garage, never on the street, and the home already has the nice and tidy appearance of people who don't have those darn offspring around, messing up the crisp snow by making pesky snowmen and forts.

I know that that low-brow lady who moved out reads my blog...and I'm sure she takes this posting in the spirit in which it is meant: we miss you guys!


  1. Dear Snobs,
    The real reason the blue collar family left, was that it was time for our family to go, after the experiment. We forgot to mention that the past three years were all about blue collar mingling with the upper class, and as you see, we had to leave....we almost called the cleaning leady, the nanny, and the grocery delivery service to help us in our upper class ways....oh, wait did we have a nanny? Damn, we got out too late.
    I am sorry that we had to leave, now who will feed the whole street and provide the booze. That is it for now, I have to get into my Amerivan car and go to the grocery store.

    We miss you too!!!

  2. Ooooh, I'm gonna have to take issue with the blue collar remark. I'm pretty damn blue, and as long as us blue people are decent people, there ain't a thing wrong with us.
    White collars can and will be just as big of assholes. They just tend to have more money to use.

  3. Tee hee! I knew this one would get a rise outta ya. :-) It's been a little "dry" around here since you guys left!

    Hey Curt, our collar is so blue it's navy. Does that still count??

  4. Hopefully the dry ends in the summer, people tend to drink a bit more then! Although, it is beer here, Labatt Blue of course!! I wonder if that goes best with red or white meat, it goes well with all or pizza, chix wings, and fried foods!!!!

    Your too cute!

  5. Hmm, having a long history of "white collar" work and dealing with the "blue collar" workforce I think I might resent the ass-hole comment. Oh well, limited experience and knowledge lead to such comments. Guess I'll go and spend some money on something useless.

    "White Collar" Dad