Thursday, May 10, 2007


It seems like it's been a while since I've posted a photo of Marissa. She is getting bigger and bigger -- her hair is getting longer, too!

Yesterday and today it was beautiful out -- highs in the 80s! We spent lots of time outside. Or as Marissa likes to say, "Outsiiiiide! Outsiiiiide!" She says more words all the time now -- she now says "sit" (appropriately), and "wet." I have no idea why she started saying "wet," but she'll point to a puddle and say "wet," then promptly stomp in it, splashing mud everywhere. Have I said yet that she's our boy?

It's difficult to get a photo of her, I followed her around the backyard for probably 5 minutes before snapping this one, and it's the best I could get. She moves too fast, is always busy, and looks very serious much of the time as she's focusing on...whatever she's focusing on at the time.

So here's a photo of the smallest peanut, not so small anymore, with a nearly-blonde head of very curly hair! Hard to believe she's related to the rest of us with that light hair.

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