Monday, May 14, 2007

Lindsey's Birthday Party

All I have to say is, it was a lot of fun AND a lot of work! Big thanks to my friend and neighbor Amy who helped throughout the whole party!

Activities included:
  • making butterfly wings with posterboard and lots of craft glue, feathers and foam stickies
  • making pretzels and baking them up
  • having lunch which consisted of a hot dog in a crescent roll (which Lindsey helped me make!), fruit kabobs and macaroni and cheese
  • Eating the pretzels once they came out of the oven
  • Trying on our now dry butterfly wings and dancing around the room with great abandon
  • Eating Dairy Queen cake
Whew! Lots of activities, but all so great so that Lindsey didn't even notice that nobody brought her gifts, and there was no gap where a "gift opening" would have happened. She was polite, had no problem sharing with her friends, said "Thanks for coming!" as everyone was leaving and didn't ask where her gifts were.

Even better, we raised almost $100 for Children's Cancer Research Fund, which I'm sure they will greatly appreciate. I will probably make my own donation to just round it out to $100, but it feels good to give to someone else rather than look at a bunch of stuff sitting around our house and wonder where it's all going to go. Hopefully someday the lesson will sink in with Lindsey and she'll be grateful for what she's got and not want for more.

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