Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lindsey's B-Day

Lindsey's and Marissa's birthday seem to eclipse anything they are near, including Wayne's and my own birthdays. This year Lindsey's birthday is almost a month-long celebration. I was traveling on her actual birthday, so she was at Children's World (for once) on the actual day. I flew in from my trip the morning of her birthday and stopped by over lunch to bring cupcakes for her to share with the class.

Then, the next day Wayne and I took the day off work and took her to the Mall of America. She was so excited the night before she didn't get to sleep until after 10:30, then woke up at 6:45 a.m. Needless to say, we had to leave the mall when the meltdown started, and ended up carrying her kicking and screaming to the car.
But she recovered after a long 4-hour nap, during which time Wayne and I got an amazing amount of work done around the house! I managed to clean out most of the baby clothes that Marissa's outgrown. I still think of her as a baby, until I see what size a "newborn" size really is and realize that she's in 2T's now. So out went four garbage bags full of baby clothes. I was going to donate them to charity, only to find out that my co-worker was having a garage sale, part of a big neighborhood garage sale, so I gave all of them to her and said, "Hey, if I see any money, great, if not, but none of the clothes come back, even better!" Hopefully they all sell.

I had to keep a few nostalgic pieces, though, like the little tiny stretch-knit pink and blue caps that both girls wore to come home. In comparison I also kept the "I was born at Fairview" onesie and cap that was given to us after each of them were born. I kept them to remember that each of them were too small to fit into them -- the caps fell over their eyes and the onesies came down to their knees. Both of them are still "new" and have never been washed.

I also kept the little outfits that Marissa and Lindsey both had their one-year photos taken in. Wayne's mom gave me his outfit that his one-year photo was taken in as well -- some day I may put all three in a shadow box to put over their three baby pictures in our hallway. My one-year baby picture does not grace the hallway...because I never had one taken. (Guilt trip, Mom and Dad! Don't you feel awful? ;-))

Okay, so there was a long tangent...back to the birthday thing...

Lindsey's actual birthday party is this Saturday, May 12th, since she was invited to a playmate's birthday this LAST Saturday. So now she thinks she's turning five, since she already turned four. I don't need her to grow up that fast, she can stay four for a bit longer!

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  1. Yeah, do I even have a one-year picture? Maybe there weren't cameras in Wisconsin until 1975. Before that, they carved your image in cheese and drank beer to celebrate.