Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weird-Ass Weather that Makes Me Curse

Who wants to read a blog post about weather? Not me. What a boring topic.

But this "spring," we have had nothing but winter, which makes this weather blog worthy to me.

While friends in Washington D.C. are posting photos of cherry blossoms, and my cousin who moved to NYC this spring is posting beautiful photos of bright green leaves just budding from trees, we have nothing but brown and white.

We've gotten something like 14 inches of snow in April. April, I tell you! Normally we have spring rains, and little puddles and those dirty nasty snow piles that are remaining from the winter's snow,  not curb-to-curb snow that requires shoveling and snowblowing.

The Minnesota Twins have already played 20 games into their regular season. It seems surreal to be playing baseball in winter, because that's what this is, full out winter. We had several "winter storm warnings" with dire predictions of freezing rain and snow, which unfortunately came true. Short-sleeved shirts and open-toed shoes are still in storage. Winter coats once stored away in a fit of optimism were dragged back to the main coat closet a day later.

What. The fuck. [Hey, I warned you in the title.]

In all honesty, it's pretty. The snow has been heavy and wet, which means it sticks to the trees for hours before finally sliding off in a sloppy, slushy mess. It makes for frosty blue and white landscapes.

I took the above photos on Friday, April 19th, after an overnight storm dumped about 6 inches of snow. I thought that I'd better capture the beauty of the lake and snow covered trees, it was sure to be the last snowfall of the year. Most of our winter snow is too dry to stick to the trees, so the aftermath is nowhere near as pretty as this one was.

I took this one four days later on April 23rd, after yet another overnight snowstorm dropped another 3 or 4 inches on us. 

Are we done yet?

I think that finally -- perhaps -- we are. We hit the 50's today, and have a prediction for 70 on Sunday. Let's hope it holds.

I'm done with the boring topic of weather.

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