Sunday, April 28, 2013

63 Degrees

The first 63 degree day after a long, snowy winter sounds like sheets of ice gliding across the lake, clinking softly and bubbling as they bump into each other.  It sounds like bikes whirring and feet slapping against the trails around the lakes.

It looks like ducks on water, squirrels scampering hurriedly from place to place, uncovering stashes of nuts. It looks like bare, pasty-white legs exposed for the first time in months, in constant movement under summer dresses and shorts.

It smells like outdoor grills wafting delicious smells down the street, like fresh air whispering through open windows.

It tastes like hamburgers, broccoli salad, a glass of crisp pinot grigio on the patio.

It feels like a warm breeze, like the earth shaking off the cold and embracing the sun.

Welcome spring. Finally.

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  1. Loved it! Tou oughta be a writer;)