Monday, April 08, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

What a task, to fit a person's life on a piece of cardboard.

Once a little girl, the light of her parents' lives, a sister to her siblings. She grew into a young lady, graduating from high school.

Then a bride, marrying the love of her life.

She became a mom. A grandma. An aunt. And so much more.

Her grandson described her as a "warm blanket you could wrap yourself in." She loved everything. She was always lifting up others and being happy for their successes.

And for as sad as an occasion as her funeral was, it was also a time of celebration that she graced us all with her presence for 82 years. I am sad for her four children who will miss her in their lives, yet I remember that this is as it should be: children should bury their parents. I have seen that role reversed too many times, and that is infinitely more devastating.

Carol and Chap's four kids: Marc, Deirdre, Rick and Debbie.
I am grateful to have had my Aunt Carol in my life. I am glad for renewed ties to her children and grandchildren, and for the time together to celebrate her spirit.


  1. Thank you. Nothing else be said.

  2. When you say it like that, I miss her in all the right ways. Thank you Jenny!

  3. Thank you, Jenny, Your words are so soothing and reassuring. I pray that the bonds we re-established will become stronger. Love, Cousin Deb