Sunday, March 03, 2013

You Talking to Me?

My sister was in town this past weekend and we decided to whoop it up after the kids went to bed Saturday night by going to a dueling piano bar.

If you love music and dancing without a loud booming beat, you need to go to one of these places. Watching talented musicians as they switch from piano to guitar to drumset, all while singing popular tunes that the crowd requests, is impressive. Not to mention a whole lot of fun.

We were not lucky enough to be able to reserve a table since our party was so small so we spent the evening standing near the back of the floor, dancing when the music moved us or talking over it when it didn't. Traffic was moving behind us as people went to and from their tables and servers delivered food and drinks.

An employee was selling single roses and silly light-up leis, and he passed by our group several times. He finally got our attention and struck up a conversation.

He says to me, "You look like you work out."

First I looked around, to see which of my friends he was talking to, assuming he was talking to Gianna, my friend and coach who started me on this whole fitness journey. But he's not, he's looking at me. Then I think to myself, "That's the lamest line I've ever heard." But we ended up in a discussion about fitness. Turns out he's a lifelong fitness buff who used to run marathons. Quickly, I might add. His record is 2:51, or a cool 6:31 pace for all 26.2 miles. He talked about how working out and running helped keep him mentally grounded through difficult times in his life.

I eventually introduced him to Gianna and they continued the conversation for some time before he moved on, but not before handing every single one of us a rose. No charge; he liked our group and wanted to give us all a rose.

And later my friends agreed that saying "you must work out" is not a lame line if you say it to someone who actually looks like she works out. I have to be honest, that made me feel pretty good.

I got me some good-lookin' friends and family! And some really, really bright lipstick. Oops.

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  1. Even if the comment had been intended as a pick up line, it's still a compliment. Can't wait to see the "new you" in person, but I love you whatever you look like because you've always been a beautiful person, inside and out.