Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Challenge of a Different Kind

Many of you know I've been working hard on improving my physical being. I'm now consistently working out 5 days a week and have been watching the number on the scale drop and -- more importantly -- watching the size of my clothes get smaller and smaller.

So far I've lost 3 inches around my waist and two inches in my hips, along with changes in muscle tone that just make for a leaner, meaner me.

I have done the 60-day Insanity: Asylum challenge, followed by the 90-day Chalean Extreme challenge. I am now in "maintenance mode" on my Chalean program, combining strength-training circuits with cardio workouts.

But now it's time for a challenge of a different kind.

If you've been reading along, you'll know that I tried meditation for the first time while vacation in Florida with my sister-in-law. She incorporates daily meditations into every aspect of her life, and has a new-found peace about her. I found the experience...unsettling. Stillness and I do not get along.

We are about to become acquainted.

At my sister-in-law's urging, I have taken on a 21-day meditation challenge being promoted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. I signed up online for the free 21-day trial. I'll be getting daily emails from them with links to recordings of a 15-minute guided meditation. That's definitely what I need; guidance.

Now the question is whether or not I can carve 15 minutes out of my day for this meditation practice. I already set my alarm a whole lot earlier than I used to for my physical work outs; how will I fit in my spiritual practice?

I haven't found the answer to that yet, but am working on finding a spot in my life. I basically gave up watching TV to fit my fitness in -- I think I can give up 15 minutes of sleep before going to bed at night.

The meditation challenge begins March 11 -- are you interested in joining me? Go to the Chopra Center's website to learn about this challenge and sign yourself up. And if you aren't up for it yourself, then look for updates from me on my 21-day challenge. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Next thing you know you'll be flying to India to visit the guru. Walking around humming your mantra and so at peace with the work you'll be like oatmeal, healthy and fulfilling but very bland. Please don't turn to oatmeal.