Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Bookstores Cost Less Than Libraries (at least for us)

This past Saturday I took the girls to the library. We spent over an hour there, browsing books, snuggled up in chairs and reading together. Marissa picked out some perfectly suited phonics books and Lindsey picked out a couple of books as well. After a relaxing time, we decided it was time to go home to continue our collective reading.

I went to use the self-check out system and it said I needed to see a staff member. Okay...

Turns out that we had a book still checked out that we had never returned. I remember the book, I don't remember the last time we saw it in our house. We owed the replacement cost on the book of $20, along with late fees on the other books that HAD been returned, though obviously long past when they were due.

All of this had taken place over a year ago. Our total bill? About $35.

I pulled out what cash I had, and the staff member confided in me that as long as my balance was under $10 they would let me check out more books.

We checked out our books, got home, and two days later we do not know where the books are that Lindsey checked out, and we're missing one of the ones Marissa had checked out.

I guess it really is less expensive for us to go to the bookstore. At least when we lose books we just lose books, we don't owe anybody money for them.

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  1. I've paid one library $45 for one damaged book and late fees. I still owe them $25 in fees. Mostly my fault, but geez.