Friday, April 01, 2011

We Are Family

Since we don't get together with my family over the holidays, we all get together in March to visit and spend time together. We look forward to it every year.
Ready for the pool.

The pool. The cousins. The Easter egg hunt. This year did not disappoint.

And for the first year, no tantrums, meltdowns, or fights. Who are these children?

It was fun watching Marissa and Paulie, who are all of 3 weeks apart in age, as they were quickly re-acquainted and ran off together to various shenanigans. Little Maddie trailed along doggedly, refusing to be left out of any of the fun. And Lindsey either joined in or enlisted an adult to play a game with her, games that she couldn't play at home because her little sister wasn't old enough and you had to have four people to play.

Unfortunately Wayne was suffering from a sinus infection and spent much of the weekend napping in our room. But that was okay, everyone else could help with the kids and he could be left alone to rest.

We went to a hibachi restaurant on Saturday night, which was both entertaining and delicious.

The best part? Marissa wore her jammies the entire day on Friday. We all wore our comfies most of the days, and socks or slippers were all the rage. If someone got tired and decided to take a nap, s/he could, no questions asked.

If the kids wanted to hit the pool, we could. If Lindsey wanted to play Monopoly in the common room, no problem. If they wanted to watch TV, they a point.

There's nothing like family.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.

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