Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day is for...[fill in the blank]


At least in my house it is. It used to be for celebrating our coupledom, our dating life together, but it is now taken over by little girls who celebrate the day with crafts in pink and red.

Today my kids had a concert in their school, followed by "Friendship Day" parties in their classrooms.

What can I say, it was adorable. We loved every minute. I loved seeing my kids interact with their friends, watching them giggle and smile as they exchanged valentines with each other.

And we especially loved the concert.

We got to hear this next one for the last couple of weeks from Lindsey.

And our mantle was taken over by the valentines made for us by our kids.

And in the midst of our family's recent loss, this was a timely reminder of cherishing those people who are important in our lives. Today I think our whole family felt cherished.

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  1. What a classic elementary school experience! Love how so many of the kids were wearing pink and red.