Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sleepover Surprise

Our weekend plans included a sleepover for our girls with our former neighbors who drove to Minnesota from Buffalo, NY, to visit. We planned to dine out with our friends and figured if we could get a babysitter willing to watch all four girls that we may as well let them sleep over at our house. That way, after a long day of driving, their parents could sleep in and recuperate from their trip.

The sleepover almost didn't happen because yet another blizzard came through and dumped somewhere between 15 and 19 inches in 24 hours. We weren't sure if the babysitter would still be able/willing to make it to our house, or if we could even get around the city to make it out. Thankfully our babysitter came through and we managed to drive the 3 blocks to Mozza Mia, a new restaurants at 50th & France. (Yes, it was so bad out we couldn't walk it.)

We had a fabulous dinner out even though the restaurant closed early due to weather. They didn't kick us out and stuck around until we left 2 hours after they let their kitchen staff go home. (I highly recommend this restaurant and just about any restaurant their parent company. Parasole, operates.)

We got stuck in the street in front of our house and it took three of us to push the babysitter's car out of the street and onto France Avenue, which had been plowed once.

We checked on the girls and found the two younger girls sleeping in the same bed and the two older girls up and giggling.

The parents went to our neighbor's house to sleep, leaving the four girls at our house. Wayne and I went outside to begin Round #1 on the snow. Sidewalks and steps were drifted over; the snowblower could barely handle the snow and required multiple passes to clear the sidewalks and driveway.

Around 11:00 I came back in expecting to find that the older girls had also dropped off to sleep. Instead, I found that they had awoken Molly and were painting her nails in Lindsey's room. Last I'd seen Molly she was practically snoring, sleeping next to Marissa in her twin bed.

I wonder if they tried to wake Marissa up too, an impossible feat.

I quickly ended the fun and all three girls fell asleep within minutes.

Around 6:00 I heard movement - sure enough, at 6:30 am Lindsey was in our room, asking if they could get up. I made them wait until 7:00. Okay, so it was 6:55, but I got at least another 25 minutes of sleep. It doesn't matter when that girl goes to sleep, she is up at the same time every day.

The morning was filled with cartoons and a breakfast of french toast, sausage and bacon. The morning lingered into afternoon and into lunch, and then finally the family went home, giving everyone an opportunity to nap and re-charge.

A good time was had by all.

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