Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Visit with Aunt Sherrie

This past weekend Wayne and I had plans to attend a wedding in St. Paul, and decided to make a bit of a "bigger" weekend of it by getting a hotel room for the night. We've done this once before, when we had a little get-away right here in our own city, and it was fabulous.

To make this happen, we asked Wayne's sister Sherrie if she would be willing to come up and watch our girls overnight. She immediately agreed and decided it would be good practice for her driving herself up to the Twin Cities. Metro city driving can be intimidating for anyone who isn't accustomed to it, and with Sherrie's sense of "direction," it can be even more challenging! But she did great and got to our house right away.

We hung out for a few hours then took off, leaving Sherrie and the girls to their devices. When we left, they were just starting the process of making cupcakes, and were deciding if it was going to be a cake cake or cupcakes that they were going to make.

When we returned the next day we heard that the weekend was fun, and had photos to prove it, taken by all three participants.

I present to you a photo essay of the weekend, with my interpretation of what I believe is happening. This will make this a long post -- if I knew more about how to code I would arrange it differently, but this is the best I can do.

Time to make the cupcakes!

Whose face is funnier?
Marissa was relinquished the job of setting out the cupcake liners...
While Lindsey got to mix the batter. Sherrie couldn't believe it when I told her I let the kids do this. What, is that so wrong??

Time to lick the beaters!

Thank goodness there are two beaters, one for each kid.

Marissa models her new outfit from Sherrie. What attitude -- has she been thumbing through too many of my magazines?

Marissa is still striking a pose, Lindsey's apparently still showing her gapey teeth.

Evening -- time for a cupcake, popcorn and a movie.

Lindsey feels the need to prove that she ate a cupcake. Yeay sugar!
Followed by some dancing to burn off said sugar.
Marissa puts Dax to bed with a bedtime story.

Lindsey plays with her doll set before bedtime.

Sleeping ensued, and then...

Good morning! Why yes, I always get up at this time, Aunt Sherrie!

And more funning around.

Wayne arrived home around 11:00, I came several hours after my March of Dimes walk. The girls clearly had LOTS of fun and can't wait until the next time. In the meantime, we thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in until after 9 o'clock seeing as the girls had gotten Sherrie up at 6:30. There's a reason why you get a babysitter for the morning AFTER the wedding.

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  1. This looks like a blast! How lucky you are to have Aunt Cherie!