Sunday, April 11, 2010

The real reasons I left my old job

If some of you remember, I let some of you in on the *real* reasons why I left my former employer. Sure, I said that I wanted more time with my family, I wanted to be off the road and out of airports, but the real reasons were enumerated in an email I sent out on my last day. They went something like this:

5. I am tired of getting my shirt wet every time I wash my hands at the bathroom sink because of the water all over the countertop.

4. I really like my portrait that’s on the wall and couldn’t think of a better way to get it than to resign so I could take it with me.

3. I don’t want to have to make two pots of coffee just to get a single cup because by the time I make it back to the kitchen to get a cup someone drained the pot but didn’t make more.

2. My insurance agent begged me to find a place to work with a parking ramp that has fewer poles.
1. I put together a rockin’ Amy Winehouse costume for Halloween two years ago and STILL didn’t win!
After several months in at my new place of employment, I thought I'd update you on whether or not those were indeed legitimate concerns.
5. Wet countertops: On Day One of my new job, I put a nice wet spot on my shirt by standing too close to the countertop when washing my hands. Okay, guess that didn't change...
4. Said portrait is sitting between my dresser and the wall, proudly displayed for all the dustballs to see.
3. Swear to God, on Day One I made a pot of coffee, sat down w/my new boss for some training, went back an hour later to get a cup and it was empty. Seriously, people? Is no place safe from the coffee bandits who pretend ignorance when it comes to making more coffee?
2. But here, here there is redemption: NO PARKING POLES!! Not one. I even took pictures the other day to prove it.
Of course, that doesn't keep a person from backing up into another vehicle (not that that's happened yet), but still, it is promising.
1. Haven't had Halloween here yet, but I heard they haven't done costume contests, so I have no chance of losing one.
Despite the fact that many of these reasons didn't change, we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of stress in our family since I am no longer traveling. I feel like I can have a social life without the guilt of asking my hubby to watch the girls (again) so I can see friends. He is busy training for a marathon and my travel isn't gumming up his work-week training schedule.
At the same time, I am learning lots of new things, enjoying getting to know new people, and love the variety that my new position affords. So overall, it has proven to be a good change.


  1. Hilarious! I hate when people say "oh, well, I was going to make another pot of coffee but I didn't know if anyone would drink it. That'd be a waste." Good excuse at 3 pm, not a good excuse at 8:30 am!

  2. Ain't that the truth! I actually saw people at PM take the last cup and walk away, didn't even pretend to make a new pot. Whose job do they think that is?!

  3. Love this!! Very well written!