Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Series of Social-Media-Induced Events

This is the photo that started it all.

I posted this to my Facebook wall (using Instagram, of course) to show the cute pillow that Lindsey made for Dax. She made it at her after-school program, and he actually uses it. 

A high school classmate that I'm Facebook friends with immediately commented that she wanted one for her dog, also a Boston Terrier. She offered to pay Lindsey to make it.

Lindsey already had more material from her program to work on another pillow. "She doesn't have to pay me," Lindsey said, "Have her make a donation."

"To where?" I asked.

"To Gillette, of course."

Lindsey's generous spirit continues to amaze me.

My friend sent me her postal address, and away Lindsey went.

The pillow was complete in just a few short days, and as of today it will be in the mail.

Of course I had to tweet this photo, which was retweeted by Gillette. Who knows who will see it and be inspired to do something like this to benefit Gillette or their favorite charity.

In conclusion, a high school classmate of mine whom I would ordinarily never be in touch with will be receiving a puppy pillow made by a girl she's never met, and will make a donation to a hospital she otherwise would have never heard of. What are the next good deeds that will come out of this chain of events?

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