Thursday, November 22, 2012

Naughty Turkeys

Lindsey: Mom, in school I learned that only the male turkeys gobble.

Mom: Is that right?

Lindsey: They gobble to get the female's attention, and if the females are interested they cluck back.

Mom: Oh, that's interesting.

Lindsey: My poor friend, she was gobbled at.


Mom: What?

Lindsey: In class. This boy looked right at her and said, "Gobble gobble."

Mom: So...did she cluck back?

Lindsey: No.

Mom: Well good for her, she should play hard to get.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


  1. HAHA! I shared this will of my coworkers.

    Can't wait to see the girls in less than a month :D

  2. Won't be too long before Lindsey and her friends will be clucking.