Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Daughter the Word Nerd


Scene 1

Our home, dinner time. Lindsey is helping me make enchiladas for dinner. A Rob Thomas song comes on over the radio.

Lindsey: This song drives me crazy!

Me: Why?

Lindsey: Because! He says that he will share a secret that no one knows. Well, if no one knows it, then HE doesn't even know it, so how can he share it? It's a secret that no one ELSE knows.

Me: That's pretty smart. I hadn't thought of that.

Scene 2

Our home, the next morning. Family is gathered in the kitchen, this time backpacks are in the midst of being packed and hats, gloves and coats are being donned.

Me: I'm so excited, I get to wear my winter hat that my friend knitted for me today.

Lindsey: Your friend knitted it today?

Me: Well no, but I get to wear it today. She knitted it for me some time ago.

Lindsey: Well then, you should say you get to wear it today, not that she knitted it for you today.

Me: Okay, word nerd, let's get going.

Lindsey: [Giggles]


End Scene.


  1. You've got a copy editor on your hands!

  2. Grandma Bonnie7:42 PM

    She's obviously paying very good attention in English class when she is correcting her Mom who makes her living with words. She'll keep everyone on their toes.

  3. We might have a version of Vern Floria coming through. Word games, I play those to, when people say things I stop and ask just like Lindsey. Good, good!