Monday, March 19, 2012

The Gift

We were given a gift this past weekend. Some day we will look back and say, "Remember that St. Patrick's Day weekend when it was in the 70's all weekend? Crazy!"

So what do you do on a weekend like that? You relish it. You savor every moment. And you document it, so you don't forget.

We made homemade sundaes.
We raced.
Marissa broke in the swing.

While Lindsey tested to see if it still swung as high.

The trees are confused.
The girls played on the front yard.

And snuggled their Build-A-Bear bears.

Dax caught bubbles.

1 comment:

  1. T'was a fine day in Arkansas too. We didn't race, we didn't swing but we celebrated Sam's 15th birthday and had grilled hot dogs. We sat out until dark visiting and talking. It was a good day, but not as memorable as yours. Good for you.