Friday, October 07, 2011

Picture Day

Around here, every day is picture day.

Our girls are accustomed to my pulling out my camera about every other day. They make their own videos on our iPad. They mug and preen and pose.

But today was picture day at school, not at home, and that made it special.

Lindsey made a check list last night of things to do to get ready for it: Set alarm. Get dressed. Comb hair.
Marissa, on the other hand, picked out her clothes the night before and slept until 7:38 so that she would be well rested for her big photo shoot. We let Marissa wear a fancy dress that she's wanted to wear to school other days but we don't let her.

Of course, I had to take pictures before the pictures, because the girls made such an occasion of this day.

I can't wait to see if the actual pictures turned out.


  1. Love the posing! I'm with Marissa...I always used picture day as an occasion to wear the frilliest dress I owned.

  2. Two beautiful grandchildren. I'm really enjoying watching them grow and mature.