Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Traditions

We had to buy new pumpkins this year.

Lindsey and I decided that zombie squirrels live in our neighborhood. They are zombies because they like to eat pumpkin brains.

Our pumpkins weren't carved, but that didn't keep the squirrels from eating right through them and making a feast of the pumpkin flesh and seeds.

So I bought a new pumpkin yesterday and we brought the survivors inside for carving.

While Lindsey loved getting up to her elbow in pumpkin guts, Marissa took a more conservative route.

Yes, those are rubber gloves.

After readying the pumpkins for carving we took a little walk with Dax to see the last of the fall colors. They were brilliant.


Then back in to see if the pumpkin seeds are done. They were warm and crisp from the oven.

Tomorrow will be the unveiling of the carved pumpkins. Nothing fancy, but lots of fun.


  1. we have the same zombie squirrels! Our first year in our house we set out the pumpkins (not carved), walked Cece for a half hour and came home to pumpkin pieces all over the yard with the squirrels throwing some kind of party. Now we don't set out the pumpkin until the moment we head out to trick or treat.

  2. Crazy squirrels! Someone wrote to me that they heard if you spray sunscreen on the pumpkins it makes them unappetizing to squirrels. We may have to try that yet to the new ones we just carved.