Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marissa Time

Lindsey is at a friend's slumber party tonight. The perfect opportunity for Wayne and I to get special time with just Marissa, our second child. Our "ignored" child. Our "I don't get as much time with you as Lindsey gets" child.

We celebrated by going out to one of Marissa's new favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. She got to order anything she wanted. She talked to us whenever she wanted, with no interruptions from an older sister who also wanted to tell us the latest news.

She ate as much as she wanted, and holy cow, that child can eat.

Best of all, when we got home she got to play with her toys all by herself, and she is amazing at entertaining herself (and us). She sat and sang and played for an hour or more until we finally had to say it was bedtime. She puts vibrato into her voice when she sings, and it is adorable. She makes up songs with silly words, and it is precious.

She got kisses and kisses and kisses galore.

What a wonderful evening.

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