Sunday, July 03, 2011

Urban Lake Getaway

My girls and I were introduced to Bryant Lake Park in Eden Prairie. It's all of a 15-minute drive from our house. And like a lot of places around the Twin Cities that I've never heard of, it's a gem.

A beautiful beach with huge beach umbrellas ready for people to park themselves under, clear, sandy-bottomed water, great amenities and a playground nearby. What more could a family want?

Since it's run by the Three Rivers Park District it's not impacted by the Minnesota state shutdown, so the girls and I spent the morning there with friends.

They swam.

They built sand castles.

And moats.
They topped it off with an ice cream treat from the concession stand.
It's Fourth of July weekend, amazing weather and it wasn't incredibly packed. What a find.

Thanks to my friend, Jennifer, for showing us this great place. Want to know anything about the Twin Cities, historical factoids, hidden surprises, or the I-would've-never-thought-of-that outing that your kids will find entertaining, just talk to Jennifer, she knows it all.

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  1. My brother use to boat there before he moved to the lake!