Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Winter's Morning

A winter storm began overnight last night. We went to bed to cloudy skies and awoke to 12 inches of powdery white snow which was still coming down. It was so deep Dax refused to go outside - I placed him on the step and he stood there shivering with snow up to his withers. I had to shovel the step right away before the dog had an accident in the house. While I was out, I brought my camera and took a little walk.

The snow was still coming down, as you can tell by the first photo I tried to take, when I forgot to take the flash off.

There is something about the hushed stillness of a wintry morning that is so peaceful. No one was out yet, the plows were not yet on the roads. My own footsteps were the first ones in the snow. The whole world was colored blue, from the snow to the sky. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and then I turned back to a house waking up, with lights turning on window by window.

What a way to start a beautiful December weekend.

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