Friday, July 02, 2010

Five Years in a Dog's Life

Five years ago we hired a company to re-glaze our bathtub. I still remember that I was about 8 months pregnant with Marissa and was questioning whether or not we should spend the money on this particular home improvement. It turned out to be well worth it, the tub held up for the entire 5 year warranty period and looked like a brand new tub.

I had come home early from work all those five years ago to inspect the final work and pay the worker. I remember the man saying that Dax had kept out of his way, but only after determining that the human was moving around too much to actually have a lap to settle in. Dax had satisfied himself with settling in Lindsey's room at a respectable distance from the noise and smell, but close enough to sidle up for a pat should the opportunity present itself.

Fast forward five years. The tub is now flaking, it's time to re-glaze. So we hire the same company since we were pleased with their work the first time around and they were always so good about coming back for touch ups during the warranty period.

I came home early from work today, to again inspect the final job and pay the worker. I'd been home for about 5 minutes when I heard Dax come up from the basement. I went upstairs to check in on the work and Dax accompanied me, sniffing and smelling the worker like he hadn't seen him before.

The guy says, "Oh, was he here the whole time?"

Dax, who had been happily snoozing in the basement, had never even heard the man enter the house, noisily sandblast off the old glaze or do any of his work. He is too hard of hearing for that anymore.

Makes you realize how long five years is to a dog.

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