Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Some Good Christmas Moments

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. Some good thoughts of today:

  • Lindsey jumping up and down upon coming downstairs and seeing even more presents under the tree! (She was worried Santa wouldn't leave any when he saw all the ones that were already under the tree from relatives.)
  • Both girls jumping up and down upon receiving the largest package of plastic play food I've ever seen.
  • Two girls in matching pajamas they received as a gift as they open the rest of their gifts.
  • Marissa completely enamoured with the stuffed puppy dog, kennel and veterinarian supplies that came with it. (All play stuff, of course).
  • Lindsey methodically putting her toys into a pile so Marissa can't play with them.
  • The picture perfect snowfall that after in the afternoon as we were getting Marissa down for her nap.
  • Sledding with the girls on snow covered sidewalks around 4 pm, both girls giggling and squealing along the way.
  • Coming back in from sledding and sharing some homemade hot chocolate we had gotten as a gift.
  • Wayne singing off-key on his newly loaded iPod, figuring out all the features it has.
  • Loading up all the CDs we have onto our PC so Wayne can put them on his new iPod.
  • Playing grocery with Lindsey with her new cash register.
  • Having a dinner of divine steak with garlic bread, corn, baked potatoes and wine. And...not having the dinner ruined by a timeout or a whine-fest. Aaahhh!

Pictures to follow...

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