Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Photos from the U.P.

Sunset over Lake Superior, Miner's Beach.
Dad enjoying the view of the lake, during our picnic on the 5th.

Wow, doesn't Grandma look good??

Marissa playing on the beach at Dana.

Kristi and Marissa checking out the minnows.
Marissa's toes in the sand. Looks so much like a photo of Lindsey's toes in Gull Lake, at the age of 2!

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  1. I wonder if you take a percentage how many of your photos have people in them vs. how many of my photos? Guess it may indicate what's important to each of us. Regardless it was a wonderful time to be together, the weather could not have cooperated more, I am so sorry you didn't feel good. You were certainly a good trooper though and went along on most everything. I loved our time together, it was a real memory builder.