Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Joy-filled Child

She jumps up and down when she's happy.

She twirls without abandon.

She holds her hands limp at the wrist like a puppy dog begging as she flits around the house, telling pretend stories to anyone who will listen.

She makes up songs and sings them loudly as if no one is listening.

She is our joy-filled child.

She dances when it moves her, and makes up her motions as she goes.

She runs her fingers over the keys of the piano as she passes by.

She jumps from couches and chairs without fear.

She is our joy-filled child.

She somersaults over beanbag chairs and on rugs when the spirit moves her.

She makes silly faces for cameras and video recorders and laughs at the results.
She runs up to me and hugs me tightly around the legs for no reason.

Her bedtime routine includes "snuggle time " with daddy.

Everything makes her laugh.

She is our joy-filled child.

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  1. Absolutely love this post. I wish every child could be as appreciated and loved by their parents as yours are -- maybe we'd have fewer problems if this were the case.