Saturday, October 06, 2012

Because I'm Smart Like That

We all get into ruts. Doing things the way we always did them, regardless of whether or not they make sense.

Remember my post about frying bacon?

I received lots of advice after that, links to pans made specifically for frying bacon, and all kinds of recipes for frying and baking bacon.

It takes some of us a few times to learn, doesn't it.

In the past few years I've developed a pet peeve about our kitchen towels.

They are conveniently located on the handle of our dishwasher, relatively close to the sink. All you have to do is turn to the left to wipe your hands.

Yet very often I find these towels on the floor, which is not only annoying, but not very sanitary.

For a while I thought that the girls were using the towels and then dropping them on the floor. I kept getting after them to make sure the towels were picked up, and they kept saying that they were putting them back.

Finally I discovered the culprit.

Since the dishwasher door is opened several times a day, every time it was opened and shut the towels would slide off the handle.

I tried tying them onto the handles, but then they were too short to actually use.

Finally I came up with the solution.

We are now putting the towels on the handle of the oven. That only gets opened once or twice a day, if that, and it's not much farther away from the sink than the dishwasher (it is a small kitchen, after all).

It took me a year or so to come up with this solution. I know, I know, it's amazing I'm gainfully employed.

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  1. You could buy a drawer pull that matches your hardware, install it on the door of the lazy susan cupboard and have a place to hang your towel plus a clean way to open that cabinet door. Now isn't that just too clever!