Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fitness Challenge: The Final Week

My fitness challenge has officially come to an end. In the past 60 days I completed 41 workouts and skated 176 miles. I lost a total of 4 pounds -- not as much as I had hoped, but the good news is that I lost one and a half inches off my waist and an inch from my hips. I have actual definition in my limbs and these weird bumps on my arms that I've been informed are called triceps.

More importantly, I feel good. I have more energy and have a fitness option that doesn't depend on the weather. (Very important as a resident of Minnesota!)

My whole fitness level has stepped up. Previously if I didn't get a single workout in during the week I felt sluggish and could tell I was missing my workouts. Now if I miss a couple days in a row I feel like I need to get moving. I've met new people, tried things I've never done before, and had soreness in muscles I didn't even know existed.

Though the challenge is over this isn't the end of my fitness journey. I will continue to drink my protein shake lunches -- they have been a great replacement for the "frozen box of crap" as my co-workers and I call frozen entrees.

I haven't yet taken my "after" picture, but thought I'd share with you what my after picture would have looked like had I done this challenge in the 80's.

Thanks for reading along!

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  1. Jenny, Thanks for being open to accepting the 60 Day Challenge and participating with the vigor and energy that you did. I am so happy that you see this as a boost to a life long healthy lifestyle.

    And, I took that SAME picture at the State Fair just today!!!