Sunday, July 29, 2012


Marissa turned seven on Friday. Being the second child, her birthday has sometimes taken second stage to her older sister's, so I took the day off work and sent Lindsey to her summer program, so I could spend the day with Marissa doing whatever she wanted to do.

We went to Perkins for breakfast where she had a french toast tower. She played with baby dolls back at home, and then wanted to ride her bike. We had to pick up groceries that day, and we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch while running that errand. Back home for more playing while I sorted through her 1st grade papers.

When Wayne and Lindsey arrived home before dinner Marissa opened her presents from us, including two homemade gifts from Lindsey. One special gift was a bouquet from her Grandpa Tom in Arkansas that had arrived earlier in the day, which she insisted in staying in the box until she officially "opened" it. The bouquet was shaped like a birthday cake, complete with candles. She had us light the candles, sing "happy birthday" to her and she blew out the candles before we headed out to dinner (photos are in the collage, above).

Dinner was with the entire family at Olive Garden, the same restaurant Marissa chose last year for her birthday dinner. What more could a girl want but unending breadsticks, salad and spaghetti noodles?

The next day, Saturday, was her birthday party. A total of 14 girls were invited but only six could make it, as expected with a summer birthday. Lindsey had a friend come as well for a total of 8 girls. Marissa asked for a "rock star dance party" at our house. I wasn't sure what exactly that meant, but for her it a game of freeze dance, bracelet making and whatever else she and her friends chose to do.

It was wonderful to see her with her friends opening gifts -- she was so polite, opening cards first without being reminded, thanking each guest and giving each of them a hug.

A wonderful birthday for a special little girl.

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