Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rewind to Father's Day

This year we had probably the most unusual Father's Day of any since Wayne became a dad. We were all supposed to be in Tracy, celebrating my father-in-law's birthday and Father's Day, but Lindsey and I ended up staying back in Minneapolis while Wayne and Marissa traveled to Tracy for the coveted visit. (How that came to be is a blog post for another day.)

Lindsey and I got to spend some special time together, and Sunday she wanted to surprise her dad with a special Father's Day party. We literally spent almost the entire day planning. She pulled out her idea book and decided that she wanted to make it a pillow and pop party. We decided that "pop" could mean soda pop that you drink or the popping sound that balloons make when they burst. So we walked down to Walgreens, bought some individual soda (or "pop" depending on where you're from) for all the family members, and some balloons. Lindsey made a sign, we filled balloons, and made every seat comfy with pillows from our beds.

Wayne and Marissa arrived back home around 7:30 at night, and then the festivities began, including a dessert of fudge brownies that Lindsey and I had made the day before. Not to mention some special beverages to go with Wayne's pop.
Wayne checks out Lindsey's sign.
Balloon fight!!

The evening was topped off with a balloon fight, and homemade presents from the girls. It was a special end to the day.

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