Sunday, January 01, 2012

Faves of 2011

Everyone else is doing it, guess I may as well jump off this bridge, too.

Top blog posts of 2011, some of which were written in 2010.

The Definition of Wild Abandon This one is tops because people keep Googling "the definition of wild abandon" and getting to this very short post. I don't think it's what they want, but it does the job in a single photo. Wild abandon? Got it.

The Less Than Ideal Workplace In which I stand on my blogbox about overcrowding in the Minneapolis Public Schools. We did eventually get approval to put an addition on. By the time it is built it will accommodate the student population of 2011, even though it will open in 2014, which has even higher projected enrollment levels. Don't get me started.

A Love Story to the End To honor the memory of my feisty and smart-ass aunt who lost her battle with cancer this past winter. I thought of her immediate family members all this holiday season, and imagine that her loss is felt all the more this time of year.

A Party of Princesses Seriously, who can resist these adorable photos of 6-year-olds in princess dresses?

Life in Even Numbers Every two years I realize how quickly the last two years flew by. At least I have pictures and a blog to record the passing of time, and reflect on it with a smile.

I Have Not Done My Patriotic Duty This one's from 2010 as well, but it seems appropriate considering we're coming into another election year. Which is worse, not voting or being an uninformed voter? I suspect that the majority of us are actually uninformed voters, based on the crud that gets covered on broadcast TV. And by the way, yes, TV is still Americans' #1 source of "news." Sad.

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