Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you Fake a Blog?

Is it considered cheating if my last two blog posts were Wordless Wednesdays? Things that I've thought about writing about lately but haven't:
  • Father's Day in Tracy, Minnesota
  • Visiting the Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove with the girls
  • Lindsey discovering the Little House Series (see previous idea on Wilder Museum)
  • Sending my children to a 4-day Spanish immersion camp when they've never taken Spanish before (I imagine they spend the whole day looking quizzically at the teachers who are rattling off the day in Spanish thinking "WTF" only they don't know to think "WTF" yet)
  • The continual battle against lice which we are #WINNING
  • My dad's current health challenges (which is hogging my worry time, let me tell you)
But instead, I will leave you with a link to someone else who clearly has more time and energy to write real blog posts instead of a listing of ideas for blog posts which may or may not get written.

Get the tissues, you are going to laugh so hard you will cry. And that's what everybody needs, a good freaking LAUGH.

This writer has gotten over 800 comments on this blog post since posting it yesterday. It is spreading via Facebook like wildfire. Expect demand for 5-foot metal chickens to go up. Way up.

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