Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Your wrinkled is my ironed

Is his shirt wrinkly? You be the judge.
This weekend my mom and stepdad were visiting while the hubby was out of town. One evening we were watching TV and I was sorting and folding the laundry. I set aside one of my husband's work shirts to take upstairs to hang in the closet, since those don't get folded.

My mom looked at the shirt and says, "You know, you should really get those wrinkle-free shirts. It'd save you a lot of time."

I looked at her and at the shirt. "That IS a wrinkle free shirt, and that's as wrinkle free as it's gonna get."

That's when she realized my intention was to hang it and not iron it.

And of course that got me thinking that yes, my husband's shirts are a little bit wrinkly, even if I whip them right out of the dryer the minute I hear it go off (which I had done this particular evening). I iron my own because, well, because I prefer wrinkle-free shirts and can iron them myself.  I figure if he wanted totally wrinkle-free shirts he could iron his own as well.

But tonight, while ironing my own clothes, I decided to iron a couple of his worst offenders that were hanging in the closet. Some colors tend to show the wrinkles more than others, so I picked those and added them to the pile.

I was completing his third shirt when he suddenly realized that these were HIS shirts I was ironing, not my own.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Ironing your shirts," I said.

"I don't wear my shirts to work like that. They look too crisp."

Good to know. I think this means I'm off the hook.

Proof once more, that everything is relative -- and that our idea of "wrinkle free" is indeed wrinkle free...for us.


  1. Well, it seems to me there may be a bit of writer's license in the conversation, but it's cool that Wayne's shirts don't have to be ironed.
    Reminds me of you when you had to clean your room each Sat AM and have me take a look before you could get on with what you wanted to do. As soon as I had checked it out, everything went back on the floor. "There, now it looks like my room!" was your comment.

    Did I ever tell you that ironing is the one household job that I actually hate?

  2. That shirt is considered wrinkled? I have a certain relative who is shocked that I wash my work clothes. She thinks they should all go to the dry cleaners. $19.99 khaki old navy pants to the dry cleaner? No way! I'm too cheap for that. I'll hang them in the steamy bathroom after a shower and call it a good ironing job :)