Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Am An Addict...of sorts

For those of you who know me well, this may come as no surprise.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am an addict. I can't help myself every time I pass a place that serves them. I see people holding cups in their hands and I become envious. I wonder how late in the day I can get away with having one and still get to sleep at night.

It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about as I go to bed at night, happy in the knowledge that when I get up in the morning it will be the first thing I have.

These are all true statements -- honestly! But I'm happy to report that the object of my addiction is somewhat benign.

No, not cigarettes.

No, not alcohol.

I am addicted to Caribou coffee.

And I'm even becoming a coffee snob and preferring Caribou over every other type of coffee, including Starbuck's.

I am a very lucky soul.


  1. Ah yes, coffee. I have been enjoying 8 O'Clock coffee freshly ground on those days I feel like making the effort. However, I have had to limit my intake. I drink regular coffee in the morning and decafe at night. Since making the effort to reduce my intake of caffeine I have become aware of just how much coffee I drank. Beware, caffeine is a powerful stimulant and can cause other problems than sleeplessness.



  2. Visit us in Buffalo then it will be Tim Horton's or Dunkin Donuts.
    I love Timmy Ho's, but mothing like DD Vanilla...yuuummmm.